biLLy (brand_new_skinx) wrote,

I was looking at people's Myspace's last night around this time because I have no life. I was wondering, why don't I have any "miss you"s or "lets hang out"s on my comments like everyone else seems to have? I feel very left out. I'm such an outcast with my family and as much as I lie to myself I really am with my friends as well. I went to Jersey today and it was sickening. Not only did I "let my hair down" according to my mom and let myself have fun, I still feel weird around my cousins. They're so perfect and I hate it. When they're from Princeton and I'm from Farmingdale you know who's better which goes for me too, and I don't like it. I'm really tired but I can't sleep. These are some of the many yet repetitive reasons why. Love me please, anyone.
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