biLLy (brand_new_skinx) wrote,

Whoa.. it's been over a year. I'm delaying studying for Calc. So much has happened since then it's ridiculous. I'm a chemistry major and I'm doing research this summer. I wonder if that's the right decision. I think this thing is stupid and juvenile; I guess that's me growing up since highschool. I'm twenty years old now, the big 2-0. I have my own computer now. I like "the immigrant song" alot. I love a girl and she loves me back; we've been dating for almost 18 months, I have a hunch we'll get married but I dont' think about that much. Like I said, I'm just the big 2-0. I miss somethings that have changed since highschool or two weeks ago for that matter. I've started thinking about grad school, that's somewhat scary, but a necessary evil. I wonder who reads this thing anymore? I wonder how people are from highschool; I miss some of them. Some things never change.
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