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Looking through my phone book yesterday, while sitting on my stoop angry and restless, I came to a conclusion. I have almost 100 names in that very phone book, yet I have no friends. It was definitely depressing.

For almost a month now, I've been really irritable, angry, restless, anxious, as well as so much more. I can't explain it. But after seeing Batman Begins not once, but twice (the second time I saw it with my dad, my brother, and my brother's friend. I swear I don't lead the most pathetic existence ever) I realize why I have such a love and connection with my favorite super hero. We are both taken over completely and consumed by anger and rage. It's remarkable how much of myself I see in this make believe character. However I have no reason to be angry and rage driven. My parents weren't killed nor do I blame myself for their murder like good ol' Bruce Wayne.

Qustion for all to answer:
(A) What does it take to be an "item?"
1. What is the difference between an "item" and a "thing?"
2. Which one is better?

I pity me.
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